Complained about a news article and been given the brush off?

With your help, we will monitor the secretive press “self-regulator” called IPSO and keep you and the public informed.


We will try to keep count of breaches of the code of conduct, identify the chief offenders – which IPSO does not do – and highlight the feeble ‘remedies’ that press bosses think are sufficient.


If you have had dealings with IPSO, or with the complaints department of any news publisher, please let us know.


Tell us about your experience, whatever it was. We promise to respect your privacy and confidentiality.


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Confidentiality Agreement. All of the details you share with us will be treated confidentially. From time to time, we may publish anonymised data on the number or type of complaints, but we will not publish anything that would identify individual complainants or complaints without your explicit written permission.

Round and round in circles

Complaining to Telegraph titles under IPSO – a 12 step guide By Mike Jempson   So you think you have a valid complaint about an article in the Daily or Sunday Telegraph? 1. First – don’t bother to write, you will just be referred to their online Complaints page.   2. If you have a […]

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Faking change: A brief history of IPSO

By Brian Cathcart The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) began, as it could only have begun, in disaster. Nothing less could have stirred the men who own and run Britain’s big national newspaper groups to alter in any way a system of ‘self-regulation‘ that had protected their interests so well for decades. The disaster was […]

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The Times, a lawyer, some weasel words and a non-existent spectre

Under the headline ‘IPSO: the line between media freedom and intrusion’, the Times has published an article by Katie Edwards, a media specialist at solicitors Hamlins LLP. No doubt Rupert Murdoch was pleased to read it, but as the opinion of a lawyer it is, to say the least, strange.

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IPSO falls at the first hurdle

Six weeks after its stealth launch, the new press ‘regulator’ IPSO finally has something to announce. A press release has just appeared on its website, in response to a complaint about The Sun newspaper by a Conservative MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston. Dr Wollaston complained to the old PCC about a front-page splash at the end of July, which claimed that a four-year-old boy had something it described as a mark of the ‘devil’ on his torso.

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Brooks Newmark complaint is dropped. So what about ipso?

Yesterday (Monday 20th October) The Guardian ran a story (Watchdog to pursue inquiry into sex sting against MP Brooks Newmark) on how the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) was going to continue investigating the Sunday Mirror’s sting on Brooks Newmark MP despite the fact that the original complaint by Mark Pritchard MP had been withdrawn.

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