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We can¹t suggest that you complain to IPSO because we think they¹ll try to brush you off with a quick fix. But if you do decide to take your complaint forward, you may be able to get advice or support from one of these organisations. Please contact us – we¹ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

MediaWise Trust


The MediaWise Trust has been providing free, confidential advice and support to people on the receiving end of inaccurate, intrusive, unfair or irresponsible journalism since 1993.If you need help with making a complaint about print, online or broadcast media, or you are unhappy with the way your complaint has been dealt with, contact MediaWise on: 0117 939 9333 or

Object - Women

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In December 2011, Object made a submission to the Leveson Inquiry and called on the Inquiry to look at the way the media in Britain reports on violence against women, including victim-blaming and the perpetuation of myths about abuse, and how the press objectifies and degrades women.


Roz Hardie from Object at

Youth Media Agency

YMA sharp

Youth Media Agency raises the profile of, and supports over 300 exciting media platforms. In 2011 they launched the #presschange4youth campaign: a nationwide campaign endorsed by 73 organisations – which also formed part of YMA’s evidence submitted to the Leveson Inquiry – to call for a fairer press and highlight potential discriminatory practice by the print media with regards to children and young people.

Contact Susana Giner from Youth Media Agency at

Tell Mama – anti-Muslim attacks


Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) is a secure and reliable service that allows people from across England to report any form of Anti-Muslim abuse. The Tell Mama also campaigns tirelessly on issues surrounding the representation of Muslims in the press.

Contact Fiyaz Mughal from Tell MAMA at

The Traveller Movement (TM)


The Traveller Movement works in partnership with Irish Traveller, Gypsy and Roma Communities, and with other organisations and experts in the field of developing practical policy. TM have both a chronic ongoing complicated campaign involving policy, seminars, articles and online social media campaigning against the press and groups who use the press to discriminate and spread inaccurate and distorted information against Gypsies and Travellers.

Contact Mike Doherty from the Traveller Movement at

Beat – eating disorders


Beat provides helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people in the UK beat their eating disorders. Beat issues guidelines to journalists and broadcasters to provide them with the information they need in order to report on eating disorders accurately and fairly; including the terminology to use; how to dispel myths about eating disorders and how to talk sensitively to anyone affected and their families.

Contact Mary George from Beat at for further advice.