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Give us the facts, Give us the figures

In 2013, there were 12,000 complaints to IPSO’s predecessor the Press Complaints Commission, but under IPSO’s new rules, we have to complain to the newspapers first, and if the newspapers resolve a complaint – maybe with a correction, apology or some other small measure – the complaint doesn’t have to be reported to IPSO at all! How do we know whether the complaints system is working or not when newspapers can sweep these figures under the carpet?

The answer: we can’t.

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Access denied: the impact of rape apologist reporting

Research shows that the mainstream media are far from even-handed when reporting on celebrity rape trials: victims, normally female, are often rebuked for putting the men on trial through such misery; the men on trial receive unwavering support for the ordeal until that is they are found guilty. In turn, such reporting is consumed by the general public who sit on juries, and decide who is guilty and who is not. Such skewed reporting can skew natural justice and deny justice to rape victims. There should be no place for rape apologists in the British press.

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